aka.tv – DISE Puts Digital Signage Into The School Curriculum

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aka.tv – DISE Puts Digital Signage Into The School Curriculum
DISE, the Swedish software group that recently won the tender for the Hong Kong MTR installation, has created an innovative digital signage solution for schools. The new concept puts the creation and development of a digital signage network directly into the school’s curriculum.
The idea has been taken up initially by a UK school in Dorset, which will offer students the ability to join a diploma course, where they will operate an internal digital signage network, creating content and looking for local advertising.
DISE is hoping that other schools will pick up the programme, and have high hopes for a national UK roll out.
With most schools operating media departments, the evolution from editing the school magazine, to web design, and now full internal TV channels is an excellent progression and one that is very likely to catch on. Bringing the concept ‘in-house’ also enables schools to benefit from the potential advertising revenue directly – and will create a generation of media entrepreneurs.

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